Saturday, September 28, 2013

Preparing for Winter

I've made my last sail if the season, unless I decide to get hardcore and buy a dry suit. This means that It's time to wrap up the Hobie and tuck it in for a long winters nap.

I'm not lucky enough to have a huge garage to store the Getaway in, so I'm relegated to wrapping it up with a tarp. Last winter I used two small tarps to cover the trampolines, but I was disappointed in the spring to find that the hooks on the bungees had left nasty black marks in the hulls. Removing these black marks required furious scrubbing and a few Magic Erasers.

After looking online at tarp solutions I decided to make my own custom fitted tarp. I started with a 11 ft.4 in by 18 ft. 6 in. tarp from Harbor Freight. This tarp is just about the right width to cover the width of the boat, but much too long.  I got a cheap grommet kit  from amazon and perfected the art of grommeting. The end result is a custom fitted Hobie Getaway tarp that cost all of $30 and took about an hour to make.  I expect it to last about a year.

I made a few cuts in the tarp to make it fit perfectly.

I made some cuts to accommodate for the wings.

I added grommets along the edges that I cut and in the corners. If you use this punch style grommet device be sure to hammer on to solid concrete. Hammering on wood causes the grommet to bounce just enough that the waster doesn't seat correctly. I wasted several grommets learning this.

I also added grommets in the center of each trampoline for drains.

I use the bungees with a nob on the end, no hook to scratch the hull.

I wrapped up the comp tip and wing seats to protect them from UV.

I also added new grommets cut corners to secure the tarp to the trailer. 

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Sailing Bear Lake

Bear Lake is one of my favorite places to sail in Utah during the late summer. The water is clear, warm and blue. There is always a nice breeze in the afternoon the sandy beach is clean. The trip to Bear lake from our house in Cedar Hills can take a few hours so we normally camp for a few nights.

Our favorite camping near bear lake is actually at Beaver Mountain ski resort. They have 5 excellent tent sites up in the pines that are almost never taken. They also offer water, clean bathrooms and showers.

We also enjoy hiking along the ski lift finding treasures long lost by skiers past.

We normally launch our Hobie Getaway at Rendezvous Beach on the south end of Bear Lake. This is a great sandy beach with plenty of parking. The boat ramp is often closed due to low water, but they let beach cats trailers drive down to the beach to drop off boats.  It's actually quite nice to have the boat ramp closed, and avoid fighting for a spot in line with 20 ski boats. Here is a video of our trip last week. The water was a warm 71 degrees and the breeze was nice.