Monday, August 26, 2013

Making Sailing Videos

My last post of my favorite videos made me want to make my own video. Last Saturday my kids and I went out sailing and took my new Nikon AW110 along to make a video. I bought the Nikon AW110 from Costco for about $280.

I've been looking for a camera that was waterproof and took good video and good photos for some time.  I've been through a few water proof cameras and they either take horrible stills or didn't last too long. The Nikon AW110 is rugged, water prof, shockproof and freeze proof. It has a built in GPS and wifi connection and it takes great video and photos. I've very happy with it.

I'm not the greatest film maker and holding a camera steady while sailing and filming is a bit tricky, but here is the result.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Ultimate Sailing Adventure

For some time I've considered sailing my Hobie from Long Beach to Catalina or from Huneme to the Channel Island, inspired by various you tube videos and stories from the internet. And although I'm a fairly experienced beach cat sailor, I've never sailed in the ocean, let alone the open sea. I can't imagine that my experience to date counts for much in the open sea.  When this video was posted on the hobie website I was inspired by the their adventure and I thought I would gather all of the epic beach cat adventure stories I could find into one post.

Lets start with two Hobie Tandem Islands and an Old Hobie 16 making their way to the Channel Islands. This is a beautiful video with some great music, thanks Wilderness collective.

Here is another great video of a group of Tandem Islands sailing to Catalina, Camping and doing some spear Fishing. If you've never been spear fishing you must try it, it's epic fun

These guys make the crossing from a campground near Cabrillo to Two Harbors, on Catalina Island in about an hour and a half. This is very fast for a crossing of about 30 miles, the video shows them flying through the ocean on a Hobie 18 with wings. As they leave you can see the Hobie Getaway on Beach.

Here is a great Journal entry about a trip to the Channel Islands (Santa Cruz Island) made in a Beach Cat.

This guys sailed his Hobie 14 across Florida Bay from Flamingo to Long Key. The video is a little dry, but he gives good info and you can see how he loaded up his tiny boat.

This last journal is my favorite and tells the story of two brothers sailing their Hobie down the coast of Baja Mexico. Epic Journey on a Hobie that is well written and informative.

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Rockport State Park Camping

Friday afternoon we drove back up to Rockport to camp. We heard that there was a regatta that would be held there on saturday so we thought it might be fun to go camp friday night and then go out on the boat and watch watch some sailing races on Saturday.

We arrived at Rockport about 6pm on Friday night. All of the campsites near the lake where full. We ended up driving to the other side of the dam and finding the last camp site at the the Old Church camp ground. This is a nice flat camp ground below the dam. The state park restored an old church building and moved it to this site some time ago. You cant go into the church, but it is located on a grassy knoll next some mature shade trees. It would make for a great place for a family reunion.
2012 Hobie Getaway

We packed up camp early on Saturday and headed over to the lake.  The race turned out to be 3 catamarans, but the lake was full of sail boats. At one point there were over 10 sail boats on the lake, including two Hobie Getaways, a few Hobie 16's, a Hobie Wildcat, a Prindle, several Nacra's, a Lazer and some Keelboats.

Wind was consistently  fresh and gusty blowing from the west. Water temperature in the middle of the lake was about 70 degrees and the air temperature was about 90.  We picnicked just left of the boat ramp in a nice sandy beach. My brother in laws family joined us at the lake and at one point we had more then six kids out one the boat, which made me glad I decided to buy a Hobie Getaway.