Saturday, June 25, 2016

Hobie Adventure Island

Well we sold the Open Bic, and replaced it with the Hobie Adventure Island.  The Open Bic was just to small and our kids are getting bigger so we decided to get them the Adventure Island Tandem. Unfortunately we may not be able to keep it either as our HOA is throwing a fit about us having two trailers.

The AI is a fun little boat. It can fit 4 kids as you can see and is easy for them to handle. The sail rolls up making it easy to leave on the beach on an overnight camp out. Set up only takes 5 min, significantly faster to set up than the Hobie Getaway, which takes me 20 min when I'm feeling ambitious. It is too big to car top easily so it requires a second trailer for us to take both boats to the lake. I was hoping to remedy this by building a custom trailer that holds both boats. We will see.

The biggest trick for them is getting the peddles in an out. The DVD that came with the boat said you can leave the mirage dives in when you beach the boat, but we found that was very likely to damage the drives.  So we have the kids pop out the drive when approaching the shore. With a little practice they could install the drives and remove them with no problem.

As far as performance goes the AI is a fun boat. It lacks the speed of the Getaway, On the other hand it is still usable when the wind is dead. It also makes a great fishing platform.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Custom Tarp New for Hobie Getaway

 Just wanted to quickly give an update to the post I added in September of 2013.  The tarp lasted through two winters and was tightly fitted until the end.

I had some tarp covering the wing seats, but despite all I could do the wind would blow them off. I resorted to coating them and the composite mast tip with UV spray.

The last big wind storm in Cedar Hills finally destroyed what was left of my "custom tarp". I figured this tarp lasted very well considering the heavy wind that we have.

Here are some pictures my new tarp. I created it using a similar method, but his time I was able to find a tarp that was slightly smaller and made for less cutting. It is important that the tarp wrap all the way down the sides of the hulls. If the grommets or bungees can rub on the hulls they will damage the hulls.

I also added more grommets so the tarp fit even and tight.
I also tried a new technique for preventing the cut edges from fraying. I used a propane torch to quickly melt any cut edges.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Open Bic Sailing on Yuba Lake Utah

I picked up this fun little sail boat called an Open Bic for my kids. Over all I'm really happy with it. It is easy for kids to sail and most importantly it is easy for them to right.  It doesn't hold much weight and is a little crowded for big guys like me. It's just right for my 12, 10 and 7 year old.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Adding a rack to your beach cat trailer.

last year I had the idea to add a rack to my Hobie trailer to carry extra gear. Going camping and sailing with my wife and 4 kids, I  use every inch of space in my Suburban and trailer. I came across this rack and thought it looked perfect to adapt to my Hobie trailer. I picked up the rack from Harbor Freight for about 60 bucks using the 20% off coupon that one receives in the Sunday paper.

Instead of using the black piece of 2X2 steal tube that comes with the kit, I mount it to the tongue of my trailer. This required new hardware and drilling new holes in the rack to extend the two top brackets. You also need to drill a few holes in the trailer tongue. Drilling holes in steal is very easy if you also pick up some step bits and oil your bits as you drill. These bits cost about 13$ at Harbor Freight.
The end result is a handy universal rack that is sturdy and easy to install. I can carry two coolers perfectly on this rack and it frees up a lot of space in the back of my Suburban.

Monday, May 19, 2014

Stepping the Hobie Getaway Mast Solo

I've seen lots of questions about the proper way of raising ones mast solo . I came across a video of someone at Hobie doing this on an only  Hobie 16 so I thought I would give it a try. My normal method form stepping my mast isn't that different from this except I have my son or wife attach the for-stay pin.

To do this you need an extra shackle attached to your for-say adjuster. You then attach your jib line to the for-stay and use the jib line to hold the mast in place while your attach the pin.


Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Summer 2014 the Ice is Cracking

Well summer is soon upon us, even here in the mountain states. I haven't uncovered by Hobie, but I'm thinking I'll dust it off in one more week and take it out for a spring sail.  I wanted to do a quick post in hopes of getting back in the habit.

If you need an a sailing buddy Utah to get you motivated check out this organization.

I have to be honest I haven't gone out and meet them myself, but they sponsor several regattas through out the summer as well as do a yearly sailing / camping trip at Bear lake. I have meet a few of them and they are good people .

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Preparing for Winter

I've made my last sail if the season, unless I decide to get hardcore and buy a dry suit. This means that It's time to wrap up the Hobie and tuck it in for a long winters nap.

I'm not lucky enough to have a huge garage to store the Getaway in, so I'm relegated to wrapping it up with a tarp. Last winter I used two small tarps to cover the trampolines, but I was disappointed in the spring to find that the hooks on the bungees had left nasty black marks in the hulls. Removing these black marks required furious scrubbing and a few Magic Erasers.

After looking online at tarp solutions I decided to make my own custom fitted tarp. I started with a 11 ft.4 in by 18 ft. 6 in. tarp from Harbor Freight. This tarp is just about the right width to cover the width of the boat, but much too long.  I got a cheap grommet kit  from amazon and perfected the art of grommeting. The end result is a custom fitted Hobie Getaway tarp that cost all of $30 and took about an hour to make.  I expect it to last about a year.

I made a few cuts in the tarp to make it fit perfectly.

I made some cuts to accommodate for the wings.

I added grommets along the edges that I cut and in the corners. If you use this punch style grommet device be sure to hammer on to solid concrete. Hammering on wood causes the grommet to bounce just enough that the waster doesn't seat correctly. I wasted several grommets learning this.

I also added grommets in the center of each trampoline for drains.

I use the bungees with a nob on the end, no hook to scratch the hull.

I wrapped up the comp tip and wing seats to protect them from UV.

I also added new grommets cut corners to secure the tarp to the trailer.