Friday, July 20, 2018

Hobie 21 Sport Cruiser VS Hobie Getaway.

The H21 Sport Cruiser was released by Hobie Cat Company in 1992. It was perhaps the first beach catamaran that was designed with the family in mind. I can only assume that the Hobie 21 didn't sell very well as my H21 is a 1999 with sail number 266, meaning they sold fewer then 50 of these boats a year. I'm not sure when the last boat was made, but it must have been in the early 2000's. Comparing this to the Hobie 16 with over 135000 built, this number is dismal
ModelLength Over AllBeamDraftWeightMast
Hobie 21SC21'8'6"11" to 3'1"[2]600 pounds29'

When I say it was a boat built with "family in mind" I mean that it is comfortable and safe. It's the complete opposite of the Hobie 16. If you want to sail with your wife and kids you really have two options the Hobie Getaway or the H21SC. I wouldn't really consider taking my family out in anything but light wind on a H16 or NACRA 5.8. Consider these features:

A furling main sail makes raising and lowing the sail between trips simple. Taking down a sail on a windy afternoon can be quite a challenge if you also have to keep you eye on your three year old. The furling main sail can also be reefed for sailing in heavy wind. 

The boom is set several feet off of the trampoline. The boom is high enough to keep it clear of little heads. The high boom makes for comfortable sailing the rest of the family. The Hobie Getaway was a boomless rig, which I really liked, but the height of the boom on the H21 feels safe and sacrifices less performance. Combining that with the furling boom makes it a nice option. 

With kids comes stuff, and the H21 has storage everywhere. The cat cabin and huge storage in the hulls never goes un-used. This is one place the H21 out shines the Hobie Getaway. The Getaway has a few small bins in the hulls but frankly they are leaky and too small.

I'm baffled as to why more beach cats don't have front trampolines and wings. If you ask me these are must have features.  The Amount of seating space on the Hobie 21 is beyond compare. The Cat Cabin makes a great place to sit and lean on. I have a family of 7 and the size of the boat was the real reason I swapped the Hobie Getaway for the H21SC.  As my kids turned to teenagers, the Getaway was too small for our whole family to go sailing together. If you want to go sailing with friends, the 21 dosn't get bogged down with a full crew. 

The H21 has retractable dagger boards, which makes it point much higher then the Hobie Getaway. As far as general performance goes the H21 is much faster then the Getaway and moderately faster then a H16.  With a port-smith handicap of 74 compared to the H16 at 76 and Getaway at 83. My Getaway had a terminal velocity of 17mph while I made 21mph on my second trip out on the H21SC.

All those features come at a cost, literally. I found my 1999 H21SC after a year long search. The boat was listed at $8,000, which seems to be the running rate. Compare that to the Getaway. For 8K you can find a Getaway that is practically new. 

Rigging the Getaway can be done in 20 min once you get your crew trained up. So far we haven't rigged or de-rigged the H21 in less then an hour. This is one of two big downsides to the H21. The other is the weight. At 600 pounds the H21 really isn't a beach cat. It is best launched from a boat ramp and equipped with an outboard for navigating the launch and docks. It takes four or five strong adults to launch with beach wheels. Stepping the mast requires some strong arms or the use of a Gin Pole, which is what I use. The Gin Pole adds 20 min to the rigging of the boat, yuck.

What I really like about the H21 is that is sails well in all wind. On the forth of July our club held a race in some 25mph+ winds.  Two boats went over that day a NACRA 5.8 with an experience sailor and no surprise a H16. My boys and I rescued both boats on the 21SC. Without reefing the main, I never felt close to pitch-poling or loosing control. The Getaway also handles wind really well also. 

If you your new to sailing or sailing with a family I would strongly recommend the Getaway. It is much simpler to rig and unless you have a  huge family the H21 may be too much boat. However if you have a few years of sailing under your belt and want a boat that can handle heavy wind and take friends along the H21 is a sweet option.

Sunday, October 29, 2017

5th Hobie-Cat H21SC

So I pulled the trigger on a H21SC and put my Hobie Getaway for sale. I actually hope the Getaway doesn't sell very quickly because I haven't sailed a H21. I'm really hoping the boat feels a little faster and has a little more capacity then the Getaway.

I started sailing long ago, at scout camp, on a little dingy. When I was in my early twenties, just after I got married I bought my first Hobie 16. Honestly the Hobie 16 was a disaster. Our first trip out was fun. In light wind we sailed out to the middle of Utah lake and slowly cursed around. However our second trip out was on Millsite Reservoir, near Farron Utah. The wind was blowing 20+ miles an hour and needless to say we ended up pitch polling the Hobie 16 multiple times, getting towed back to shore by a good Samaritan in a power boat. It took my wife a long time to trust me on a sail boat again. My next boat was something smaller that I would sail solo a Hobie 14.

If only I had the Hobie Getaway as my first Catamaran. However, as my family of 7 has grown we have actually grown out of the Hobie Getaway.  I actually don't think there is a perfect Catamaran for me. I would like a little more performance then the Getaway, I hope the H21SC give that to me.

I'm planning on taking it out for the first time in November in Long Beach if the weather holds.

2012 Hobie Getaway for sale

2012 Hobie Getaway for Sale


Asking $6,000

  • Galvanized Trailer
    • New Tires
    • New Bearings
    • New Spare Tire
    • All Working Lights
  • Boat
    • 2012
    • Wing Seats
    • Sails, Tramps, Wings in all in great shape
    • Spinaker
    • Replaced All Standing Rig in 2017

Easy to rig takes about 20 min after some practice.

Fun for whole family easily, fast and safe to sail even with little guys on board. I sailed this boat with my five kids every summer since we purchased the boat. My teenagers now take it out on their own. My wife feels safe with our 2 year old on this boat. It is difficult to flip and easy to right. I actually never pitched this boat on accident, just for practice.

The plastic hulls make the boat a bullet proof sailing platform. The float on the top prevents the boat from turtling. The boom-less sail makes sailing with kids safe and fun.

Always stored covered.

The spinnaker adds some extra fun, there really is nothing like sailing with a beautiful spinnaker.

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Sailing Hobie Getaway out of Long Beach

 We finally decided to take the Hobie out to the Pacific. This is something that I have always wanted to do, but had yet to get around to until this spring break. My family and I actually drive from Utah to California 2 times a year for vacation, but this spring break we decided to tow the boat.

Bring the boat along added a bit more prep time to the trip. I replaced wheel bearings in the trailer, round up some beach wheels and I also decide to replace the standing rigging on the boat for good measure. Perhaps all the preparation paid off as we had no problems with the boat or trailer.

We launched the boat from the Kite Sailing beach near long beach. We used the Claremont Beach Launch which appears to be one of the only beach launches in the area. Here you will find a place to park you truck and trailer, bathrooms, showers, a hose, and a gate that allows you to drive down to the shore where you can drop you boat about 50 yards from the water. I rounded up a set of beach wheels, which are a must have for toting your cat down to the water. Parking cost about 12 bucks.

The Kite Surfing Beach is an absolute mess. LA beaches are not that great, and this one is bad. Next time we go we are going to bring a rake to clean off our place on the beach, I wish you could launch down the road at Seal Beach, but the life guards there told me I couldn't even sail my boat over and beach it there.

Our first ocean launch was tricky. Normally there is very little surf at this beach, thanks to the break water, however our first launch was in about 3 foot surf. Not to difficult and kind of fun.

Fog rolled in thick and quick and before long we couldn't see the beach 100 yards away.

The second day was clear and warm with mild winds blowing from the south at about 10-15 mph. With no surf we where able to get the entire family on the boat. We sailed from the boat launch out past the oil islands and up the the Queen Mary and back. The trip took several hours. By the time we got back the afternoon winds really picked up. We dropped wife and little kids off at the beach and my oldest son and I went out to battle the winds and waves. Out side the break water with winds blowing at 20+mph waves breaking over the bows at 5', sailing was great and the Geteway did very well in the open water.

We plan to make this a yearly trip.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Hobie Getaway Spinnaker

Last summer I installed a spinnaker on my Hobie Getaway. I'll start off by saying that sailing with a spinnaker is super fun. It is challenging and rewarding.

Installing the spinnaker pretty strait forward, but the instructions provided by Hobie are basically useless. The Spinnaker kit is basically the hobie 16 kit with a few extra parts. Fortunately I got a great installation guide written by OttawaDave on the Hobie forums. I thought it might be useful to post the Hobie Getaway spinnaker instructions here.

Hobie Getaway Spinnaker Install Instructions

To install this kit I recommend getting a very good pop rivet gun. The stainless steel rivets are much more difficult to pop then the aluminum rivets from the hardware store. Get yourself one of these.

It took me about 4 hours to complete the install and I didn't get he spinnaker hound mounted as nicely as I would have liked. Here is what the boat looks like with the spinnaker flying.

Monday, September 19, 2016

Beak Lake 2015

I put this video together from Labor day last year 2015. Bear Lake is my favorite place to sail in Utah. It is big, so you have lots of space and in the afternoons the wind picks up nicely, all of the ski boats run for cover and all of the sail boats go out. The water is blue and the beach is sandy.

For the past few years we have been going to Bear Lake with the Utah Sailing Association. They reserve camping on the 4th of July and Labor day every year at the Group Sites near Rendezvous Beach. The Camping there is awesome, with shaded, grassy tent camping, space for small RV and hot showers.

They normally hold some type of fun race in afternoon. On labor day this year we sailed to Garden City and back, about 17 miles on the water. You do a little tacking to get there, but by 1 or 2 pm the wind shifts and the trip back is a screaming reach.  This year I made the trip back with my wife and older kids. Lake waves where 3 or 4 feet and the wind was gusting 20+ mph. It was an awesome trip. I don't take my little guys out in those conditions, but its lots of fun for me and my teenage son.

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Places to Sail Across the Country

I found this great map posted on the Hobie Forums while looking for a place to launch my boat near Long Beach California.

Perhaps someone will find it useful, I did.